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Dance Floor Etiquette for Line Dancers

Dance floor etiquette is all about common sense, good will and co-operation. The best dancers are those who follow the social graces of the dance floor, they are courteous and considerate and will be welcomed wherever they dance. Following this simple guide will help you to enjoy sharing a dance floor and prevent you from inadvertently spoiling it for others.


* Never carry food, drinks, glasses, cans or lighted cigarettes onto the dance floor

* Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor - always walk around the outside or wait for the dance to finish

* Never stand on the dance floor to talk - if music is playing leave the dance floor to chat

* Never start a different dance unless there is plenty of room and you sense it is acceptable

* Never hog floor space to 'perform' - if the floor is full take small steps, and watch for collisions

* Never stop in the middle of a dance to teach, as you'll be in the way. Go off the floor to teach

* Never let your feet, knees, arms or elbows become dangerous weapons on the dance floor

* Never show off. Crazed variations, turbo spins, high kicks and jumps just put people off - YOU!!


* Always listen to the DJ. It is customary for a DJ to designate the dance and to 'count in'

* Always encourage and support beginners. It only takes a few kind words to make a new friend

* Always go to the front when starting off a dance - others can then line up behind you

* Always be gracious and apologise when caught in a 'bump' even if it was not your fault

* Always replace any drinks you accidentally knock over and be sure you say 'sorry'

* Always leave the outside edge of the dance floor clear for partner and couple dancers

* Always give way to dancers around the outside of the floor

* Always dance with the 'flow'. The Line Of Dance (LOD) is anti-clockwise

* Always show appreciation. Applaud live acts, instructors and DJ's - they work hard for you

And finally, keep your head up, smile and enjoy yourself

(Written by Jo Thompson for Linedancer Magazine October 1998)

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